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Hebrides People

Hebrides People is a visitor centre and genealogy archive based in Northton, in Harris.

We have been working with them to redevelop their website and archive.

The archive has over 200,000 records in it. We are working on the project in two phases. The first phase – the new website design – is now live.

The search and shop functionality will be updated soon as we rebuild the database, which is phase 2.

We worked with Hebrides People to:

  • Create a new logo.
  • Rebuild the site as a mobile-first website
  • Restructure their content.
  • Add additional features such as learning resources and village histories and stories.
  • Create an open source resource which will allow all St Kilda records to be searched free of charge.

The site is bilingual.

We will be working with Hebrides People over the next 6 months to add more polish and functionality to the site and to supercharge the archive. We can’t wait!

Why are we working in phases? Well, this is a huge project with lots of moving parts. So, we decided to work incrementally. It means that progess is visible, and that people get to use the new functionality sooner rather than later. It also means that we can address feedback and changes as we go.

Can we help?

If you need help with a website, ecommerce, social media, design or anything else which appears on a screen, we would love to work with you.

If you feel the same, then please drop us a line!