About Us

Our purpose

Isle Develop CIC exists to help build innovative profitable island businesses which trade confidently year-round, so that young people and families can make a good living – keeping our island communities strong, vibrant, and resilient.

Our vision

To grow and develop more concepts like isle20.com and isleEats.com – that both directly benefit our island communities and generate some profit that we can put back into helping create:

  • A fleet of awesome wee businesses that started out as part of Isle Develop before spreading their wings and taking flight! 
  • Sustainable projects that directly benefit island communities.
  • Jobs that help young people return or stay.
  • Products that sell well beyond the tourist season. 


From packaged goods to software concepts – we’re up for the challenge! 

Our Story

Isle Develop grew out of the isle20.com project during lockdown. 

Covid19 crystalised for many of us the risks of relying too heavily on tourism. It showed the need to keep striving for innovation and diversity. To ensure that our island communities are not only resilient – but have strong, healthy economies.

Isle Develop has been created as a home for the original projects which inspired it, and to help test new ideas and concepts fast. 

We are a Community Interest Company, and all profits will go back into new projects.

What makes Isle Develop special?

We are rooted in the Scottish islands. Our Directors are all permanently resident in the islands. They all operate their own small businesses, and are active in their communities. 

We know what it takes to set things up from scratch. We don’t pretend to know all the answers, but we work hard and we’re willing to learn!

We are all passionate about creating secure futures for our islands. We want our communities to be the main beneficiaries of our projects. We want to experiment, build and learn. 

We dream big, start small and move fast.

Rhoda Meek


Owner of Tiree Tea

Isle of Tiree

Jo Vale


Owner of Tiree Chocolates

Isle of Tiree

Rebecca Hutton


Owner of Taobh Tuath Tweeds

Isle of Harris

Got a great idea?

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